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Nantwich Gin – Original London Dry

Nantwich Gin Original London Dry

Nantwich Gin

Original London Dry

Cheshire Botanicals

ABV: 40.0%
Country: England
Style: London Dry
Price per bottle: £41-60
Availability: UK

David T. Smith

Beautifully fragrant, rich, green leafy notes that are accompanied by some savoury and menthol aromas, with refreshing, herbal lemongrass.

A superb mouthfeel that really coats the tongue. Bold flavours of coriander seed are followed by a little sweet liquorice, zesty citrus, and spicy leafy notes.

Freshly cut green apple with sweet baking spice and a hint of szechuan pepper.

A bold gin with lots of mixing potential. A Red Snapper is an obvious choice for me.



Bethany Whymark

Like someone has pulled out one of those giant pepper mills and left a good crack of it under my nose. Herbal notes of bay and sage, bright juniper and lemon.

The pepper calms down enough to let those herbal flavours shine – more bay and an anise hint of tarragon, paired with more juniper highlights.

Black pepper hangs about with a little herbal freshness.

I’m glad the peppery intensity of the nose subsided to reveal the lovely flavours underneath. A Red Snapper is calling!



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