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Modern Love – Modern American Gin

Modern Love Modern American Gin

Modern Love

Modern American Gin

The Palm Springs Spirits Co.

ABV: 45.0%
Country: USA
Style: Contemporary 
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: USA

David T. Smith

A lively array of citrus: lemon, lime, and grapefruit with a dash of floral coriander.

Exceptionally juicy: full of plump, fruity citrus notes that are neatly balanced by classic juniper and angelica. The result is a refreshing contemporary gin that nonetheless is firmly rooted within the spirit’s tradition.

A long, juicy finish of lime with succulent melon and a pleasantly clean dryness too.

A fabulous gin that would be stupendous in a gin and tonic.



Bethany Whymark

There’s a definite freshness to it, like a light coastal breeze. With time come juniper, grapefruit-like citrus, coriander and an earthy note of angelica.

It hits the tongue with an intense whack of classic gin flavour. There’s also a honey sweetness to it and an oiliness in the mouthfeel here.

It’s warm, almost peppery, on the way out, with a final flourish of piney juniper.

This gin packed quite a flavoursome punch. It’s a solid contender for a Martini, I feel.



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