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Junimperium Estonian Artisan Gin – Summer Edition

Junimperium Summer Gin

Junimperium Estonian Artisan Gin

Summer Edition

Junimperium Distillery

ABV: 43.0%
Country: Estonia
Style: Flavoured 
Price per bottle: £41-60
Availability: UK, EU

David T. Smith

Tart berry aromas that are ever so slightly astringent (but that’s lingonberry), combined with a soft, toffee-like soft hit of vanilla sweetness.

A burst of fruit, followed by an almond nuttiness and a touch of floral notes. More fruit notes appear over time – tart and intense – that are balanced by sweet spice.

Warming ginger and earthy, woody pine notes here.

The capture of lingonberry flavour here is spot on and there is enough pine to still clearly identify it as a gin.



Bethany Whymark

The lingonberry is framed by touches of orange zest, powdered cinnamon and ginger, and a slight marmalade bitterness to it. 

The spices are swept to one side by the lingonberry, with more orange marmalade notes and juniper undertones. It feels a bit syrupy.

A syrupy note of lingonberry jam clings on for the medium-short finish.

A nice flavoured gin and a pleasant represenation of the fruit in question. It could make a nice mix for ginger ale.



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