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Animal Spirits – GIN01 – The Rabbit

Animal Spirits - GIN01 - The Rabbit

Animal Spirits

GIN01 – The Rabbit

Animal Spirits Ltd

ABV: 44.0%
Country: England
Style: London Dry
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: UK

David T. Smith

Good, strong juniper notes on the nose make this bold and classic. Woody angelica and cardamom, too.

Well rounded and balanced: all of the classic gin flavours are in harmony with one another, including some great strong juniper character.

Residual pineyness continues onto the finish with a touch of menthol.

A solid, classic gin, which I can foresee working exceptionally well in pretty much any type of gin and tonic that you care to mix.



Bethany Whymark

It’s quite classic, but with a warm, spicy edge that is verging on nutty. Juniper, citrus and nutmeg, with a touch of black pepper.

It has a lovely light, silky texture. Those spice notes continue, then it gets sweet and buttery with hints of brown sugar. The juniper works to balance the sweetness.

There’s a bit of a peppery tingle, which lasts well and is pleasantly warm.

I’m a big fan of this – great texture and flavours. It could be one for a Negroni, with that great spicy character.



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