Check out Portobello Road’s new Celebrated Butter Gin

Portobello Road Distillery Celebrated Butter Gin

London distiller Portobello Road is harking back to a historical gin style with its new Celebrated Butter Gin – and yes, there is actually butter in it.

The new gin, which Portobello Road says is a ‘must-try’ for gin aficionados, is inspired by Charles Dickens’ Sketches by Boz, a collection of short stories that describes the gins found in a typical 19th-century London gin palace.

To create the expression, Portbello Road redistilled its 171 London Dry Gin with English unsalted butter in its 30-litre copper pot still, Copernicus IV. The addition of butter gives the gin a more viscous texture and a creamy mouthfeel, along with touches of sweetness and salinity.

It is the latest in a line of spirits from Portobello Road Distillery that play around with historical styles of gin, including its Old Tom Gin and tarter Sloeberry and Blackcurrant Gin.

Portobello says its Celebrated Butter Gin (42% ABV) is best served in a Martini, a serve which complements its flavours and silky texture, or a gin and tonic.

A Martini is one of Portobello Road’s recommended serves for its Butter Gin

The Portobello Road Celebrated Butter Gin is available to buy from Ocado and, priced at £30 for a 70cl bottle.

Read more about Portobello Road Distillery here.

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