US distiller Castle & Key launches refreshed spring gin

Castle & Key Rise 2021 Seasonal Spring Gin

American distillery Castle & Key is getting into the spring mood with the release of a new seasonal gin.

Rise 2021 Seasonal Spring Gin is the latest in a line of spirits to come out of the Kentucky distillery since its restoration in 2014. It is the brand’s fourth seasonal edition of its London Dry Gin.

Castle & Key Distillery brand ambassador and blender Brett Connors said: “While last year’s spring release was more citrus forward, this year’s seasonal gin offers a balance of floral and dark fruit tones and aromas that are reminiscent of the spring season.

“We’re so proud to share another spring release that focuses on unique botanicals, rather than just focusing on consistency in a flavour profile year after year.”

Rise 2021 Spring Gin (47% ABV) is made using the same base spirit as Castle & Key’s rye whiskey. This spirit is distilled into vodka and then redistilled with the botanicals, which are suspended in baskets above the still for a more gentle vapour infusion.

It features a number of botanicals that have not been featured in Castle & Key’s seasonal gins before, including galangal root, lavender, elderberry, Earl Grey tea and wintergreen.

Tasting notes from the distillery say to expect ‘floral complexity’ on the nose with sweet blueberry and honey, lavender, chamomile and dark berries on the palate, and lemon and white pepper on the finish.

The new gin is on sale at the distillery as well as through retailers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina, priced at $36.99 per bottle.

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