Would you try this Umami Gin from Audemus Spirits?

Umami Gin pour

Audemus Spirits – the French brand behind Pink Pepper Gin – has announced the launch of its Umami Gin in the UK.

Named after the ‘fifth taste’ (alongside salty, sweet, sour and bitter), Umami Gin gets its savoury bass notes from hand-picked capers. The capers are vacuum distilled at 45ºC then combined with an infusion of Italian parmesan cheese, which is rich in glutamate – the molecule which helps then taste buds detect umami flavours.

The resulting liquid is mixed with bergamot and juniper distillates and the blend is then left to rest in ex-Cognac barrels for several months. Audemus Spirits says the final gin is ‘fresh and lightly savoury’.

Following successful launches in France and Australia, Umami Gin will go on sale in the UK exclusively through Spirits Kiosk from 18 May for a month before launching with other independent spirits retailers and select on-trade venues.

Miko Abouaf, Audemus Spirits founder and distiller, said: “When creating Umami Gin, we wanted to make a spirit which expresses gin and juniper in a different way to what has been done classically and what people are used to trying. Our mission at Audemus Spirits is to showcase spirits in new and innovative ways for people to enjoy their favourite drinks in a new light.”

Audemus Spirits recommends enjoying its Umami Gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, in a Bloody Mary, or in a Gibson – a twist on a Martini, garnished with a cocktail onion.

Based in Cognac, Audemus Spirits was named Craft Producer of the Year in the Icons of Gin 2020.

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