Taste the Cornish summer with Lantic Gin

Lantic Summer Gin and drink

A young Cornish gin brand is embracing the flora and flavours of summer in a new release.

Lantic Gin is preparing to launch its first limited-edition seasonal spirit, Summer Gin, made with botanicals foraged from coastal meadows and hedgerows in Cornwall.

The botanical mix includes elderflower, honeysuckle, red clover, bog myrtle, currant leaf, Malwina strawberry, lemon verbena, apple mint, borage and water mint. These foraged flora are distilled along with 11 other traditional gin botanicals to create a dry, floral, herbaceous gin.

Founded in Lostwithiel in 2019 by south-west native Alex Palmer-Sambourne, Lantic Gin aims to celebrate the flavours and seasonality of Cornwall in its spirits. Alex handpicks the botanicals that go into his gins and oversees the distillation process.

He said: “I love hunting for wild botanicals that bloom fleetingly during the summer months, a process that reconnects us with the seasonal cycles of Cornwall and is testament to our foraging ethos.

“It’s exciting to discover unconventional botanicals and novel flavours that help us achieve our ambition of creating a beautiful, uniquely flavoured summer gin.”

Alex recommends enjoying the Lantic Summer Gin with elderflower tonic. It will be available at and at specialist retailers across the UK from summer 2021.

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