Hungary’s award-winning Tokaj Gin coming to UK

Seven Hills Tokaj Gin

Hungarian craft distiller Seven Hills has signed a deal with Master of Malt to bring its award-winning Tokaj Gin to the UK.

Launched in 2020, Tokaj Gin was named World’s Best Contemporary Gin at the World Gin Awards 2021.

The gin takes its name from the renowned Hungarian wine region of Tokaj and uses linden leaf grapes, a popular variety for the region’s winemakers, in its botanical mix.

These are distilled alongside 20 other local botanicals to evoke the ‘woody and floral scents’ of the forested Zemplén Mountains, where the Seven Hills Distillery is based.

Seven Hills Distillery Tokaj Hungary
Seven Hills is based in the Tokaj region of Hungary

Online retailer Master of Malt will be the first to sell Tokaj Gin in the UK. Seven Hills is also working to secure distribution for the gin in other countries.

Of the UK launch, Seven Hills said: “We put together modern technology, traditions and the special microclimate of the Tokaj wine region, resulting in spirits that are unique and unrepeatable anywhere in the world.”

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