Cornish gin brand goes green in bottle revamp

Elemental Cornish Gin range

Cornish gin brand Elemental is introducing a new bottle for its spirits as part of a business-wide sustainability push.

The new bottles are designed to honour the gin’s home county as well as the St Columb-based distillery’s traditional production methods.

Launched in 2013, Elemental was one of the first gins to be exclusively distilled and bottled in Cornwall in more than 300 years. It aims to pay tribute to the Cornish landscape and the elements in its recipe and packaging.

The botanical mix for its Classic Gin include Cornish chamomile as well as juniper, pepper, coriander, angelica root, cassia, citrus and cardamom. It also uses spring water from Bodmin Moor, in east Cornwall.

Elemental Cornish Gin - Classic
Elemental’s Classic Gin

Current owners Joe and Nicki Woolley took over the distillery in early 2020. While the gin was still gaining popularity, they recognised the growing importance of packaging design in the gin market and decided the range needed a new look to appeal to a greater audience.

The new Elemental bottle design features scenes of the North Cornwall coast, in painting rather than the previous photo form, while Joe and Nicki have also added small nods to the county and the natural elements that have shaped it.

As well as the new imagery, they have also swapped the environmentally unfriendly wax seal for a biodegradable cellulose seal and wood cork.

Of the redesign, Joe and Nicki said: “We are on a mission to become more sustainable as a business and part of this means reducing the impact that we have on our planet. This is just one of the many changes we have made and will continue to make to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

“The evolution of the brand has been inspiring and the support we have received phenomenal. Our hope is that people see this as a new lease of life for Elemental, and that this new look helps turn a few more heads this way so that more people can experience our delicious gin.”

You can buy Elemental Cornish Gin direct from the distillery website.

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  1. We love seeing to many other gin brands making the push for more sustainable practices! Plus, the new bottles look great.

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