Bethany Whymark David T. Smith Issue 13 Tastings

Silent Pool – Rare Citrus Gin

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin

Silent Pool

Rare Citrus Gin

Silent Pool Distillers

ABV: 43%
Country: England
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith

Strong juniper on the nose along with leafy, green notes and a touch of citrus.

Oily in character with a good level of intensity and flavours of earthy angelica, zesty citrus, and light pine, before lingering notes of sweet lemon and a little peppery warmth.

The citrus notes continue onto the finish, along with that peppery warmth from the palate, before getting increasingly dry.

A clean gin, although a touch peppery – it would do well in savoury drinks.



Bethany Whymark

Quite heavy, oily juniper notes, along with a little peppery spice, spritzy citrus and a smoky hint.

It’s very fresh and light on the palate. That pepper spice has evolved into coriander and maybe a touch of mace, with more lemon peel notes. The piney juniper notes are still quite heavy.

Dry spice and juniper hang on into the finish.

A good, solid, classic-tasting gin. It would make a good match for a premium tonic water, lots of ice and a light citrus garnish.



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