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Seven Crofts – Fisherman’s Strength

Seven Crofts Fisherman's Strength Gin

Seven Crofts

Fisherman’s Strength

Highland Liquor Company Ltd

ABV: 57%
Country: Scotland
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: £41-60
Availability: UK, Jersey, Guernsey

David T. Smith

Earthy liquorice on the nose with lemon, sage, and light juniper notes.

A floral-forward gin with notes of violet and rose, and the subtle earthiness of orris root and liquorice. Soft spice and warm heather notes follow.

Long notes of citrus and oily pepper and a pleasant glow from the alcoholic strength of this.

This gin has a good level of flavour intensity and the 57% ABV provides a gentle warmth without any burn. This would work well alongside ginger.



Bethany Whymark

Quite a grainy note on the nose with a touch of sweetness – it’s like freshly buttered, seeded brown bread with a light glaze of honey. Uncracked cardamom pods and piney juniper joining in.

hat grainy sweetness and spiciness continue, with clearer juniper notes. You definitely get a sense of the ABV.

The alcohol in this leaves a very warm finish. It dries away with a hint of spice.

There is a lovely character hiding in this gin which mixing would help enable to shine through.



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