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River Mentana – Venetian Dry Gin

River Mentana Venetian Dry Gin

River Mentana

Venetian Dry Gin

Rime Craft Distillers SRL

ABV: 42%
Country: Italy
Style: London Dry 
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: UK, Italy

David T. Smith

A sweet earthiness leads to aromas of alpine meadows: bright pine with the occasional floral note.

A hint of rose upfront, joined by violet, orris, and plump, red fruit. The profile continues to develop with herbal, woody notes, and bold pine and gentian.

Gradually dries to lingering, gentle spice and sappy juniper with a light creaminess.

A superb gin: complex with a rich harmony of flavours and a strong juniper backbone. Would make a first-class Martini.



Bethany Whymark

here’s a healthy punch of juniper which is piney and resinous. Hints of lemon peel, coriander, and a vinous character that develops over time.

Very light. Lots of juicy lemon notes with coriander and more of that resinous juniper note.

Those vinous white wine notes come back in the finish, which is pleasingly drying.

While this has quite a classic London dry gin character, there is a little something extra about it that I like. It would make a really cracking Martini.



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