Does McQueen Gin have the ‘world’s coolest labels’?

McQueen Gin bottles

Scottish spirits brand McQueen Gin has unveiled a range of augmented reality (AR) labels for its gin bottles – which is claims are the ‘world’s coolest labels’.

Featuring on the six expressions in its core range, the AR labels promise “exciting, immersive gin experiences for customers”. By scanning the label via the McQueen Gin app, each bottle will reveal some of the brand’s inner secrets with a unique animation.

Based in Callander, McQueen’s gin range includes a colour-changing gin and flavoured expressions such as Black Cherry and Vanilla, Citron and Five Chilli.

With its new AR labels, drinkers can learn about the spirit of Ben Ledi – the mountain that overlooks the distillery – or follow the antics of a maverick cartoon lemon. The technology has taken six months to develop, following a £20,000 investment by McQueen.

Dale McQueen, managing director of McQueen Gin, said: “At its core, one of the fascinating sociable aspects of society can be found when we share a drink with our friends, either in the pub or in our homes. 

“With that option being limited in the current climate, we have enhanced this experience by creating an engaging AR experience on our six core range bottles that people will enjoy sharing across social media. We wanted to make not just a great-tasting gin but an experience which would bond people together and give them something other than great taste to talk about.”

He added: “Not only are we the first Scottish gin company to integrate augmented reality, we believe that we are the first gin company in the UK to fully integrate augmented reality into our label design with our own dedicated app.”

Dale and Vicky McQueen
Dale and Vicky McQueen

When they founded McQueen Gin in 2015, Dale and Vicky McQueen wanted to create an adventurous gin-drinking experience and bring exciting new flavours to the market. The full range can be purchased from the McQueen Gin website, while its Highland Dry, Citron, and Black Cherry and Vanilla expressions can be found in Spar Scotland stores.

You can download the McQueen Gin app now from the Apple and Android stores. As well as its augmented reality function, the app also offers brand rewards and cocktail recipes to try.

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