Venetian distilling dynasty launches River Mentana dry gin

River Mentana Venetian Dry Gin

A new gin channelling the spirit of Venice is coming to the UK.

River Mentana Venetian Dry Gin is a single-botanical gin, distilled with wild juniper from the banks of the River Piave in northern Italy and regional mountain juniper.

It is produced by Rime Craft Distillers, a fifth generation of the Maschio dynasty which has been distilling in the Venetian region for two centuries. River Mentana, the company’s first gin, is based on a recipe for a single-botanical gin created by Domenico Maschio in the 1940s.

River Mentana Gin cocktail
Mixing a drink with River Mentana Gin

The gin is named for river diamonds, a particularly fine and clear variety, and Mentana, an ancient type of perfumed Italian wheat grown near Venice which is used for the gin’s base spirit.

The initial distillation sees juniper berries macerated in neutral spirit in a copper pot still. It is then redistilled to concentrate the juniper aromas and flavours.

Its producers say that the gin combines ‘nuances of wheat’ with notes of juniper on the nose and palate. It is bottled at 42% ABV.

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  1. Love the branding! Locally manufactured craft gins really are the way to go in 2021.

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