Three Wrens unveils ‘world-first’ gin distilled with bison grass

A bottle of Three Wrens Bison Grass Gin

English distillery Three Wrens is raising a glass to its new limited-edition, first-of-its-kind Bison Grass Gin.

The gin uses ‘Hierochloe odorata’ (known as bison grass) in its botanical mix. Master distiller Nick Wadeson has been secretly growing the aromatic herb in planters at the company’s base in Cholmondeley, Cheshire since the spring, as well as propagating and replanting it to create an organic, sustainable supply.

Native to the Bialowieza Forest in Poland, bison grass was hailed as sacred by indigenous peoples in northern Europe and North America, who used it in prayer and purification ceremonies.

A planter of bison grass at the Three Wrens Distillery in Cheshire
A planter of bison grass at the Three Wrens Distillery in Cheshire

Bison Grass Gin is distilled with botanicals including Tuscan juniper berries, home-grown apple mint, lemon mint, fresh lime and grains of paradise. The bison grass is added using a vapour infusion method and also macerated in the spirit after distillation to impart more flavour.

Filtered and bottled at 41.5% ABV, the resulting gin has aromas of fresh hay and lemongrass with juniper and herbaceous notes on the palate, according to Three Wrens. Each bottle also comes with a strand of bison grass, paying homage to its roots.

A cocktail made with Bison Grass Gin
A tempting serve

While bison grass has been used to infuse vodka before, Three Wrens believes it is the first to make use of the plant in a gin. It won over judges at the The Gin Masters 2020, where it scored a gold medal.

Nick Wadeson said: “We’re delighted that Three Wrens Bison Grass Gin received a gold medal in The Gin Masters 2020. It offers a truly unique flavour experience, particularly as the key botanical has been so carefully grown and nurtured at our own distillery.”

Three Wrens Bison Grass Gin retails at £38.50 for a 70cl bottle and is available to buy from the Three Wrens website

Three Wrens distillery was founded in 2019 by master distiller Nick Wadeson, who has 20 years’ experience in the drink and spirits industry, both as a bartender and a sales and brand manager for global gin companies.

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