New German distiller launches nature-inspired gin range

A new German micro-distiller has launched its range of exciting gins into the local market.

Heide-Brennerei – thought to be one of the smallest distilleries in Germany – is a family-run operation staffed by a team of three who collect botanicals for its Brennerei Bosselmann gins by hand, including local cranberries, rosehips and blackcurrants. Its range includes Winter Wonder Sloe Gin, Pink Pepper Himbeer Gin, and the Master Distiller’s Cut.

The moors around Lüneburger-Heide

The distillery is located south of Hamburg in Lüneburger-Heide, in an area which is known for its Neolithic burial sites and sprawling moors and is home to Europe’s largest population of wolves.

Working on a small still and producing in 50-litre batches, the Heide-Brennerei distillery team crush their botanicals in a pestle and mortar to bring forth their natural oils and distil at lower temperatures – a maximum of 95ºC – to avoid adulterating the oils with notes than can arise from boiling in the still.

Dr. B’s Maters Distiller’s Cut

As well as treating their botanicals tenderly, the team also takes care of the water used to create the gins. It is sourced locally and naturally filtered through the moors, then filtered again over rose quartz and other semi-precious stones.

The range of Brennerei Bosselmann gins is currently available in and around Hamburg, in independent shops and two five-start hotels.

Having a taste of Brennerei Bosselmann

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    This Gin is marveless!!!

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