The Botanist features in new pre-bottled cocktail range

Scottish gin brand The Botanist is the starring spirit in a new range of pre-bottled cocktails, designed to showcase Scotland’s bounty in drink form.

The Islay brand has teamed up with Scottish food and drink innovators Buck & Birch to launch the limited-edition range, which is inspired by the wilds of its home country.

The Amagroni cocktail

Available for nationwide delivery, each cocktail combines The Botanist Gin with exclusive liqueurs and harvested ingredients from the county of East Lothian.

The autumnal range includes:

  • The Ramble: made with Aelder Elixir, The Botanist Gin, sea buckthorn, and sweet elderflower syrup
  • The Amagroni: made with Amarosa rosehip liqueur, The Botanist Gin, and tansy and yarrow tincture
  • The Plants and Quinccidence: made with quince and pineapple weed liqueur, Buck & Birch midsummer bitters, and The Botanist Gin
The Ramble cocktail

The Botanist is made by the Bruichladdich Distillery, one of two gins made on the island, and its recipe includes 22 botanicals that are hand-foraged on the island. 

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