Add some zing to your G&T with these new ‘tonic enhancers’

Ever look at your gin and tonic and thing that it could use a little something extra? You’ve got a great gin, chosen a premium tonic, and your garnish game is on-point… but what about a tonic enhancer?

This is where Butler & Brewer comes in. The UK-based brand has recently launched a selection of what it calls “natural tonic enhancers”. Put together with natural fruit and botanical flavours, these products allow you to add a little extra flavour to your G&T – with zero added sweetness.

Developed by husband and wife duo Laren and Kirst Foord, the brand was inspired by a family history steeped in adventure and became a way of turning their love for a good gin and tonic into something special and shareable.

The Butler & Brewer range launches with five flavours: elderflower, cucumber and apple, for added zing and crispness; hibiscus, lime and pomegranate, for a floral and tropical touch; raspberry, basil and lime, for a vibrant, summery kick; orange, thyme and lemongrass, a match of sweet, warm and herbaceous flavours; and rosemary, mint and lemon, for an aromatic and herbal sensation.

Bottles of Brewer & Butler tonic enhancer are £15 each, and the classic collection, containing all five flavours, is £55. They can be purchased at

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