David T. Smith Issue 11 Phoebe Calver Tastings

Welsh Sisters – The Captain’s Wife

Welsh Sisters
The Captain’s Wife
Welsh Sisters Ltd

ABV: 40%
Country: Wales
Style: Dry 
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 7.9

Nose: Really rich fruit hits home initially, before integrating a little earthy note of liquorice into the mix. 

Palate: The earthy liquorice plays nicely into the strong juniper here, before it is taken over by the jammy scooped-out contents of fig and maybe a little cassia in there. 

Finish: Thanks to the liquorice notes, there’s a lingering warmth. 

Comments: An enjoyable all-rounder here – I think I’d like to keep it simple by adding a little tonic to the party.

David T. Smith 7.8

Nose: An initial wave of jammy citrus, reminiscent of lemon syllabub, is followed by a cake batter-like spice and some earthiness. 

Palate: A light character with dry juniper and earthy notes with a touch of sweet chocolate. There’s a lightweight, spicy oiliness that complements the gin’s plump texture. 

Finish: A lingering juniper that lasts for a good while with a gentle tickle of warmth. 

Comments: A refined gin in a very classic style; well matched to a Dry Martini with a single olive.

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