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Salcombe Gin – Rosé Sainte Marie

Salcombe Gin
Rosé Sainte Marie
Salcombe Distilling Co.

ABV: 41.4%
Country: England
Style: Flavoured
Price per bottle: £££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 8.1

Nose: A delicate introduction to this gin; think lavender pillow spray and my favourite Diptyque Rose candle. 

Palate: Although the delicacy from the nose remains, it is brightened up a little by some cracked pepper and juniper to give it an edge in the spice department. There’s a little dark berry sweetness. 

Finish: A refreshing citrus finish. 

Comments: An enjoyable sip – with the pepper keeping it nicely grounded.

David T. Smith 8.2

Nose: Aromas of strawberries and cream to start, before the more floral rose gently comes through. 

Palate: White grape notes initially – fruity, yet floral – that make way for citrus and more dry flavours before the rose appears. It’s not sweet and is quite subtle, but graceful. 

Finish: A clean, dry finish with a resinous character combined with lingering notes of rosewater at the end. 

Comments: A modest and elegant rose gin. This opens it up to a wide range of drinks, but I’d start with a good Dry Martini.

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