Kaffir Lime Gin
Rutte Distillsteurs

ABV: 43%
Country: Holland
Style: Flavoured
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Local

Phoebe Calver 8.5

Nose: This is all-out zesty lime. 

Palate: Imagine all the sensations that come with using a hand-juicer on a lime: the waxiness, the spritzing mist and juice, it’s all here. The gin glides around your mouth, with just the right amount of spice heat (like a ginger snap biscuit) to counteract the intense citrus. 

Finish: The lime is still there, but is matched by some calming herbaceous notes. 

Comments: I feel like it would be rude not to put this in a Gimlet!

David T. Smith 8.8

Nose: Bold, aromatic lime: a combination of the juice, peel and lime leaves that results in a beautiful complexity. 

Palate: A gin with a very smooth texture and lots of juniper up front before a complex array of citrus peel, a little florality, the warmth of ginger, and lots and lots of zest. 

Finish: An oily bitterness before the green, leafy notes of lime come through and linger on the finish. 

Comments: If you want a lime-forward gin, then this is for you! Naturally, it would make a magnificent Gimlet.

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