Pink Robin
Aronia Gin
Imagine Spirits

ABV: 44%
Country: Croatia
Style: Flavoured
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 9.1

Nose: Not as sweet as I was expecting. Extremely fragrant with a prominent hit of juniper and sweet, jammy fruit. 

Palate: The fruit becomes sweeter and more complex, giving a delicious mouthfeel. There’s a cherry bakewell note to it that I adore, that really adds layers before the juniper rounds it out. 

Finish: This is very long and I’m happy about it – playing with the bakewell flavours. 

Comments: Far more than I was expecting from a typical ‘pink gin’ style creation. I’d love to try it in a Negroni.

David T. Smith 9.0

Nose: A subtle, spiced nose before the fruit comes to the fore with plenty of juniper. 

Palate: Plump, juicy and jammy juniper notes come through, along with the cherried complexity of aronia, a flurry of floral notes, and a gentle nuttiness. Complex and nuanced. 

Finish: Delightful intertwining of juniper and aronia. A hint of chocolate, too. 

Comments: A flavoured gin for those who don’t usually like flavoured gin. I think it would work brilliantly in a highball (with sparkling water) garnished with an orange peel.

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