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Palma Gin – Destilado

Palma Gin


Mallorca Distillery

ABV: 46.6%
Country: Spain
Style: Contemporary 
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith

Nose: A complex nose with notes of menthol and gentian root. This herbal complexity is neatly balanced by palma violet sweetness. 

Palate: An oily gin that coats the tongue and has a balanced bittersweetness. Some bready coriander notes develop over time. 

Finish: Menthol, anise, and a soft, earthy sweetness, before a final zing of grapefruit and menthol pepper. 

Comments: A powerful gin that could make some lovely drinks if mixed sympathetically – I think it would make a robust Negroni.



Phoebe Calver

Nose: Really pungent florality to this, definitely lavender and a little citrus to stop it smelling too soapy. 

Palate: Waxy orange peels hit first, giving a great texture in the mouth. Then onto the earthy notes, almost like the inside a hot greenhouse on a summer’s day. 

Finish: Lightly spiced juniper rounds this out for quite a subtle finish. 

Comments: Quite a savoury gin in the end. I’d be intrigued to try it in a Gimlet.



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