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The Cardrona Distillery – The Source

The Cardrona Distillery
The Source
The Cardrona Distillery New Zealand

ABV: 47%
Country: New Zealand 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 8.4

Nose: A delicious bouquet of floral notes, particularly roses… excuse me one second while I find some antihistamines! 

Palate: The rose petal notes continue in abundance, but are met with some seriously fragrant citrus, a little like thick-cut orange marmalade. 

Finish: There’s a little spice poking through on the finish, with the citrus gently rounding things out. 

Comments: This is full of surprises and to be honest I enjoyed it as it comes, maybe with a little ice.

David T. Smith 8.6

Nose: Rich fruit notes with dry grape, freshly cut pear and sweet floral aromas. Perfumed and aromatic. 

Palate: An exceptionally oily and intense gin with notes of orange peel and orange blossom that are closely followed by jammy fruit and malty, sweet spice. 

Finish: More oiliness on the finish, which is creamy, with hints of cracked coriander that provide both a little spice and citrus. 

Comments: A bold gin which is well-matched with wine, whether that be in a Martini or a French ‘75.

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