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The world’s first Pinot Grigio gin is here

Ginato Italian Gin full range

Italian gin brand Ginato is mixing the worlds of gin and wine in two new products – including a world first.

Ginato Pinot Grigio – thought to be the first product to combine this popular wine with gin – uses Sicilian lemons and Pinot Grigio grapes to create a fresh, citrus-forward gin. Meanwhile, the Ginato Melograno gin uses Barbera grapes and Italian pomegranate for a fruity and rich but light-bodied spirit.

Based near Ravenna in northern Italy, Ginato aims to capture the “essence of Italy” in its products. It uses juniper grown in the rolling hills of Tuscany and citrus fruits from the Mediterranean climes of southern Italy, as well as locally grown grapes. The new releases join existing gins Ginato Clementino, made with Nebbiolo grapes and clementine oranges, and Ginato Pompelmo, which blends Sangiovese grapes and Sicilian pink grapefruit.

Steven Pattison, CEO of Kirker Greer Spirits, which distributes Ginato’s products in the UK and Ireland, said: “Italy has some of the finest ingredients – juniper berries and citrus fruits for example – which we knew we could combine to make an outstanding gin. In experimenting with the recipe, we decided to add Italian grapes in the blend and the result was a collection of unique gins that really showcase the best of Italian produce. We hope that the Ginato Italian Gin range will transport the consumer to their favourite part of Italy.

“We are especially excited to introduce the unique Pinot Grigio expression, a first for the drinks industry. We are already seeing keen interest from trade and consumers across the globe.”

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