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Fancy a free G&T? 6 O’Clock Gin can help

6 O'clock Gin

Artisanal gin brand 6 O’Clock Gin is inviting fans to help celebrate its 10th anniversary – with free gin and tonics.

To honour the age-old British tradition of an evening G&T, the Gloucestershire brand will be giving away a gin and tonic for each 6pm that has passed since it was founded – that’s 3,652 in total!

The brand has teamed up with The Work Perk to deliver its London dry-style gin and tonics direct to workers’ desks in the two cities, so colleagues who have spent months apart due to the Covid-19 lockdown can enjoy a post-work drink together.

The free drinks will be delivered in London and Bristol between 19 and 23 October – the week leading up to the clocks going back.

To participate, HR or office managers can sign up on the 6 O’Clock Gin campaign page on The Work Perk website.

Downing tools for a gin and tonic at 6pm is a family tradition among the makers of 6 O’Clock Gin; it inspired the brand’s name, and the tradition is still enjoyed in the distillery.

The spirit is distilled by Bramley & Gage, which also makes a range of fruit liqueurs alongside its gins.

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