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G&T or G&L? Gin brand says lemonade is overtaking tonic as top mixer

Calls for “gin and lemonade” could soon overtake those for the classic gin and tonic at the bar, according to research by UK gin brand Boë.

A study by the spirit maker, known for its quirky fruity flavours, claims that more than half (53 per cent) of gin drinkers aged 18 to 34 now prefer lemonade as a mixer, compared to around a quarter (26 per cent) opting for tonic.

Boë puts the shift down to the increasing popularity and availability of flavoured gins, which now accounts for around a third of all gin sales; its study found that 52 per cent of flavoured gin drinkers favoured lemonade as a mixer over traditional tonic.

With the growing prominence of the G&L, Boë Gin has created its first full-strength flavoured gin, Apple & Lime, that was designed to mix with lemonade rather than tonic.

Are you Team G&T or Team G&L?

Andrew Richardson, director at Boë Gin, said: “Only a few years ago, tonic was the assumed mixer to enjoy with gin whether you were offering someone a drink at home or ordering at a bar. Today, we are starting to create gins to mix better with lemonade than tonic, such has been the huge increase in demand for a G&L.

“The citrus in premium lemonade blends really nicely with flavoured gins, which continue to grow in popularity. It certainly doesn’t spell the end of the G&T, but the G&Ls are in town and it looks like they’re here to stay.”

Are you #TeamGandT or #TeamGandL? Boë Gin is inviting gin drinkers to share pictures of their favourite serves alongside one of these hashtags on its Instagram page.

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