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We’ve had a great, if slightly unusual, summer – but all of a sudden (seemingly), September is here, the nights are drawing in and it’s getting chilly again. But never fear: we’ve got a cocktail to bring a bit of warmth into your weekend. The Coffee and Clove Negroni made with Oxley Gin is a warming take on the classic, and a great creative outlet for those who like to get a bit experimental with their drinks. The cocktail was developed by Matt Maretz at Employees Only in New York as part of Oxley Gin’s Team Labs Series, which saw bartenders from around the world create a serve with its cold-distilled gin.

Coffee and Clove Negroni


  • 30ml Oxley Gin
  • 30ml coffee Italian bitters
  • 30ml clove-infused vermouth
  • Orange peel, to garnish


To make the coffee bitters: Combine 60ml of coffee with 150ml of Italian bitters, leave to rest for four hours, then strain.

To make the vermouth: Pour 230ml of vermouth into a saucepan and add 10 cloves, bring to a simmer, then cool and strain.

To build your cocktail: Combine the infused vermouth and bitters with Oxley Gin in a glass over ice. Garnish with the orange peel.

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