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Need a quick shot of humour? Try out this distillery’s gin jokes and puns

The UK may be going through a troubled time, but one Yorkshire gin maker is trying to see the lighter side of life.

York Gin has published a list of gin-related jokes, quotes and puns on its website – and now it is asking people to read the collection and suggest jokes and puns of their own to be included.

Co-founder Emma Godivala said: “We realise this is a really stressful time for everyone. People are either bored, panic-stricken or worked off their feet. So we just wanted to give people a giggle – and make the best collection of gin funnies around.”

“We’ve already received some excellent additions to our collection. My new favourite is: ‘When Charles Dickens orders a gin the barman asks, ‘Olive or Twist’?’, but my own favourite is still Dorothy Parker’s: ‘I like to have a Martini, two at the very most; after three I’m under the table, after four I’m under the host.'”

Customers can submit their suggestions on the York Gin Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Need a bit of comic relief? Here are a few quips from the list:

  • I love water – especially when it’s frozen in cubes and surrounded by gin.
  • I drank so much gin last night I’ve woken up with a London Dry accent.
  • Stop saying I’m hard to buy for – you know where the gin aisle is.


Like so many other distilleries, York Gin is finding ways to adapt its operation to the effects of coronavirus and the UK’s government-enforced lockdown, including moving its operation online and setting up free delivery in the local area.

It is also hosting a Friday Night Gin event, where people can test their knowledge of the spirit in an online quiz, ask questions of gin experts and learn how to get the most out of their G&T. The event will be on York Gin’s Facebook page from 6pm on Friday, 3 April.

It follows the lead of other digital events which are springing up to replace our usual pub or bar interactions, for example #TheVirtualHappyHour campaign.

Do you have a cracking gin-themed joke, quote or pun? Let us know in the comments below!

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