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Arlo & Jacob’s Easiest Cocktails

You may know Arlo & Jacob for their stylish, handmade furniture – but it turns out they also know a thing or two about cocktails. So much so, in fact, that they’ve compiled a comprehensive lineup of the easiest at-home cocktails you can make with minimal time, ingredients and cost!

The Cocktail Index ranks 50 cocktails by a number of factors, including number of ingredients, cost per serving (£), appearance, and overall ease. So, whether you’re after something nice and simple or a bit more special (or both), just select the most important factors to you and the Index will do the rest.

But which is the ultimate cocktail?

Pimm's - A&J

You might think there’d be one easy cocktail which outshines all the rest – and you’d be right. The Old Fashioned comes in at number one, proving that you shouldn’t overlook a classic. All you need is five minutes to prep, 7 ingredients, and an allowance of £1.76 per serving. Bargain. The Bellini also proves itself once and for all, demonstrating that a cocktail with just two ingredients (prosecco and peach puree) will always be popular.

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, the Index can also tell you which are the most adventurous and lavish cocktails. The Mulled Wine cocktail tops this end of the Index with 16 ingredients and a 12-minute preparation time, while the Bloody Mary and Long Island Iced Tea come in close second place with nine ingredients apiece.

With something for every palate, wallet, mood and even season, the Cocktail Index is an invaluable resource for any cocktail enthusiast. See the full Index here:

Earl Grey Martini - A&J



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