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Manchester Gin going greener with recycled glass bottles

Manchester Gin has made a big step towards minimising its environmental impact through the use of recycled glass.

The distiller, which was founded in 2016 and now produces 80,000 bottles of gin a year, has struck a deal with supplier Allied Glass to promise an average of 55 per cent recycled content in its bottles – making a big dent in its carbon footprint and energy consumption.

It is part of a wider strategy by Manchester Gin to improve the business’s sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of its distillery, cocktail bar and restaurant.

To support the change, Yorkshire-based Allied Glass will source cullet – used glass that’s been crushed ready for remelting – from bottle banks and kerb-side collection schemes across the UK. It will run in tandem with Manchester Gin’s current bottle refill initiative, which allows customers to bring their empty bottles back to its Spirit of Manchester Distillery for a refill of the same flavour – reducing glass wastage and saving money for the customer, who gets a £5 discount on their bottle.

Nolan Kane, head of emerging brands at Allied Glass, said: “Manchester Gin is continuing to push the boundaries of its green credentials, especially this switch to glass encompassing an average of 55 per cent recycled content. We’re proud to partner with a brand that is so committed to sustainability in everything that they do.”

Manchester Gin co-founder and master distiller, Seb Heeley, said: “All businesses have a responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Here at Manchester Gin we have taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint and our latest pledge to use recycled glass will reduce this even further. We’re extremely satisfied knowing that we are helping the environment without compromising on our commitment to quality.”

All of Manchester Gin’s six flavours – Signature, Raspberry Infused, Wild Spirit, Overboard, Hacienda and Blackberry Infused – are available in recycled glass bottles on the distillery’s website.

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