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Your ‘Virtual Happy Hour’ round-up

If you can’t bring yourself to a bar, why not bring the bar to you? With more of us staying at home, people are having to get creative about socialising and enjoying their favourite drinks. You might have seen our article on the #TheVirtualHappyHour and we’ve got some more good news for you: we’ve put together a guide to some of the online bar and cocktail experiences on offer right now.  So, read on to find out where you can join in, and what exactly these mixologists have to offer online…

The Scottish Alchemists

This team offers a double whammy of gin- and isolation- inspired entertainment! Not only have the Alchemists hosted an online gin tasting (hopefully we can expect others), but they’ve just released their eponymous podcast on iTunes, where they combine gin and chemistry. Not to be missed. Listen to the podcast here: and keep up to date with their future projects on Twitter: 

The Bitter Bottle and The Chattery 
At-home cocktails

The idea behind this cocktail class is to make great cocktails with the ingredients you already have in your home – you don’t have to go out and buy ingredients you don’t need! Can’t make the original class time? Perhaps you already have some fun quarantine activities planned? No problem – the link will be available for 24 hours after it goes live. We’re hoping there’ll be more of these to come!

Mix & Twist 
Mobile bar company now offering cocktail masterclasses at home

This company promises the dedicated teaching of their mixologist who will show you how to make classic cocktails, and in each round of cocktail mixing there will be an ‘interactive competition element’! You’ll join other cocktail fans from around the UK, and you can choose to provide your own equipment and ingredients yourself or have them send it to you in one all-inclusive box set. Taking place every Friday and Saturday:


The Educated Barfly
Youtube channel

This one might not be new, but it’s perfect right now for those of you looking for something to satisfy your cocktail cravings at home! Leandro DiMonriva (otherwise known as The Educated Barfly) will educate you about all things cocktails, from the simple classics to the more complicated concoctions, even giving you tips on how to give your drinks that professional touch, such as how to freeze crystal clear ice cubes. Watch here:

Sipping with Stella

For a range of cocktail recipes that are sure to brighten your time at home! Not only can you access exciting twists on familiar recipes, but you can also get the chance to have recipes custom-made to your tastes and the contents of your cupboard – perfect if you want to avoid a trip to the shops! Stella’s Instagram can be found here:

DIY Virtual Happy Hour

Don’t think this is something only a bar can offer – by creating your own virtual happy hour or cocktail mixing session, you can make sure it’s at a time convenient for you. Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom or even Facebook are all simple and accessible ways to get your friends taking part. Organise a time, get your drinks of choice ready, maybe even get dressed up: the evening is yours to do with as you wish! It’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with cocktails, too – and lucky for you we’ve compiled a list of our lockdown faves:


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