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Great Mother’s Day gifts for gin-loving mums

Looking for some gift inspiration this Mother’s Day (22 March)? Look no further — we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered together some stand-out gins which are sure to make your mum feel special on Mothering Sunday.

The Dundee Gin Co. - Dundee Cake Liqueur
The Dundee Gin Co. – Dundee Cake Liqueur
26.5% ABV
This tempting liqueur takes its inspiration from the traditional Scottish cake of the same name. You can expect vanilla, caramel, citrus and essentially cake-y notes here, making it ideal to pour over desserts or mixed up into a cocktail (or both — your mum deserves it).

Monkey Tea Party Gin
That Boutique-y Gin Company/ Gin Monkey/ FEW Spirits – Monkey Tea Party
46% ABV
Celebrate your mum this Sunday with a tea party — a Monkey Tea Party, to be precise.
This collaborative effort is a great twist on other tea-infused gins you might have come across, and is sweet, citrusy and peppery all at once, blending the flavours of grapefruit, pink peppercorn and oolong tea. And, as if the gin inside weren’t tempting enough, the bottle itself is finished with a delightfully whimsical label. A charming gift.

Pinkster Gin Jam_2
Pinkster – Gin Jam
2.5% ABV
This one isn’t strictly a gin. Or, at least, not a gin drink. Pinkster’s Gin Jam is what happens when you steep tangy raspberries in great gin, and the result is a mouthwatering jam that contains just the right amount of alcohol. Something special to accompany a Mother’s Day afternoon tea, or to make a stand-out gin cocktail.

MOM God Save The Gin
MOM – God Save the Gin
39.5% ABV
Treat your mum like the queen she is with MOM’s London Dry Gin, presented in a striking black and pink bottle featuring its trademark crown insignia. The gin inside is just as much of a statement; infused with red fruit and exotic botanicals, this bold spirit is sure to be a favourite and will make your mum feel like royalty.

Edinburgh Gin Elderflower_2


Edinburgh Gin – Elderflower Liqueur

20% ABV

One of three gin liqueurs offered by Edinburgh Gin, this uses elderflowers picked in full bloom to create a beautifully fresh, sweet scent, reminiscent of sunshine and blooming flowers. Tell your mum to put her feet up and use this to make her a cocktail with gin, lemonade and mint, or simply pair it with tonic water and lemon.


Braemble Gin Liqueur
24% ABV
Plump blackberries meet London Dry gin in this luscious liqueur from Scottish producer Mothership. It can be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail – including as a sweet addition to a glass of sparkling wine. Mothership is celebrating this combination in a special Mother’s Day gift pack, pairing a 70cl bottle of Braemble with a 75cl bottle of bubbly.

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