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Whittaker’s Gin – Winter Solstice

Whittaker’s GinGin_Recommended_Badge
Winter Solstice
Whittaker’s Gin
ABV: 42%
Country: England
Style: Flavoured
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 8.6

Nose: Am I smelling eggnog? Surely not, but I like it. I’m definitely getting a dusting of nutmeg, layered over rich dark berries – here’s hoping that sticks around.

Palate: The winter spice continues, but with the added enjoyment of its creamy mouthfeel. The sweetness returns, on the lighter side of stewed dark fruit. A little angelica?

Finish: Sweeter here and doesn’t linger on the palate for long.

Comments: This has me feeling festive. I wouldn’t want to do a thing to it in my glass.

David T. Smith 8.4

Nose: Initial aromas of coriander leaf and a complex array of green and floral citrus alongside an almost pastis-like sweetness.

Palate: Excellent texture: oily with anise and fennel upfront before a broader range of spice such as ginger and nutmeg. More coriander follows, with orange and grapefruit.

Finish: Lemon verbena and more sweet anise, along with sage and spearmint.

Comments: A complex spirit with plenty to explore. It’d be a nice option for a Tuxedo cocktail, but I’m equally happy to sip it neat.

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