David T Smith Issue 10 Phoebe Calver Tastings

Poetic Licence – Old Tom Gin

Poetic Licence
Old Tom Gin
Poetic Licence Distillery

ABV: 41.6%
Country: Scotland
Style: Old Tom
Price per bottle:
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 7.5

Nose: A fresh fruity trifle, with rose petals lovingly sprinkled on top. I’m intrigued by where this is going.

Palate: I’m not sensing anything wanting to take the lead here; there’s nectarine covered in jelly, not quite as sweet as the nose. It’s creamy but with a little spice hit.

Finish: Greek yoghurt and honey, but with that kick of spice gently lingering on.

Comments: I find this interesting – it’s not quite what I was expecting from an Old Tom, but I’d be interested to see it in a traditional Tom Collins.

David T. Smith 7.8

Nose: Delicate orchard aromas of peach, pear and nectarine are accompanied by hints of orange conserve.

Palate: Light with initial flavours of vanilla, woodiness and orange citrus followed by resinous cedar, some marmalade sweetness and a hint of peach cobbler.

Finish: Dark wood and a drizzle of honey before a more toasted, peppery finish and some heat.

Comments: A bold Old Tom gin with minimal sweetness and a balanced wood character. A solid partner for ginger ale.



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