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Linden Leaf Botanicals

ABV: 43%
Country: England
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle:
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 9.0

Nose: A sweet tropical island paradise, with fragrant orange bursting out.

Palate: There’s a light peppery sweetness that is tickling the back of my throat as soon as it hits, joining from the juniper, then we’re back with orange, fiery lemon and lime.

Finish: This really isn’t going anywhere and neither is the heat.

Comments: This really is a dream; it’s sweet, spicy and a little bit of a sass-pot of a gin. You can be as playful with this as you want, but I’ll be in the corner enjoying it over a big ice cube.

David T. Smith 9.2

Nose: A perfumed garden of citrus blossom and leaves. Vibrant aromas burst forth from the glass; exciting and attractive.

Palate: Exotic lemongrass and ginger to start, followed by a fruit salad of citrus, orange and lime. The lemon becomes more focused towards the end, bringing in coriander, melon and a hint of sherbet.

Finish: A long, distinguished finish with citrus and peppery coriander.

Comments: A simply delightful gin with great versatility and a vivacious character.

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