David T Smith Issue 10 Phoebe Calver Tastings

Kavalan Distillery – Kavalan Gin

Kavalan Distillery
Kavalan Gin
King Car Group

ABV: 40%
Country: Taiwan
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 7.7

Nose: A little bit like opening up a bar of Fruit & Nut (the big size obviously). Nutty and almost earthy notes at first before a light reminder of juniper.

Palate: We’re back again with the nuts, but it is far smoother than the nose was hinting. Creamy chocolate, with a little honey, or perhaps freshly cooked vanilla cupcakes.

Finish: Ah, some dark fruit trying to break through all of that earthy flavour. It’s not around for long.

Comments: A breakfast gin – not that I’m suggesting you have it over your cornflakes!

David T. Smith 7.6

Nose: Dry and fruity with freshly cut pear and apple along with aromas of butter and dark chocolate.

Palate: The texture is smooth to start, followed by a building warmth. Creamy, melted chocolate is joined by oily fennel and anise before notes of rye bread.

Finish: A relatively short finish with a hint of floral blackberry eau de vie and gentle warmth.

Comments: A perfumed gin with plenty of fruity flavours and a good warmth. It’d work well mixed with fruit juice for a still summer cooler.


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