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Glacier Gin – Small Batch Gin

Glacier Gin
Small Batch Gin
Glacier Gin

ABV: 44%
Country: Iceland
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 8.4

Nose: Afternoon tea at the Ritz – think traditional fruity cakes decorated with petals and fresh, homemade berry jam.

Palate: The florality dusting the nose is more prominent, taking the sweet edge off the strawberry jam that is still tickling the sides of my tongue.

Finish: The fruit lingers, wrapping things up in a neatly packaged berry gift box.

Comments: I’m already excited to be sipping this at a festival this summer. I’m thinking lots of fresh berries and a splash of lemonade… is that sacrilege?

David Smith 8.2

Nose: Aromas of rose jelly, strawberry and raspberry make this almost reminiscent of a jam sponge.

Palate: Light, leafy herbal notes combine with juicy, slightly tart berry notes and a hint of gorse. A balanced and well-rounded spirit with minimal burn. Plump and succulent.

Finish: A little lift of lemon on the finish is accompanied by a lingering sweetness.

Comments: This has a great intensity of flavour and would work well in a refreshing
Gin Collins.


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