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Canaïma – Small Batch Gin

Small Batch Gin
Speciality Brands

ABV: 47%
Country: Venezuela
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 8.5

One sniff of this is like walking into a wholefood store, straight up to the row of crystallised fruits.

Palate: Don’t leave the store just yet; take a right turn into the spices. This is great; the fruits are still there, as is a little bit of pure citrus, combined with some light earthy notes.

Finish: Florality coming through from those delicate spices, lingering nicely.

Comments: Thanks to the variety of flavours in this gin, I wouldn’t want to play around with it all that much. Add a little splash of tonic and sip away.

David T. Smith 8.6

Nose: An exotic and unusual nose with bright citrus, creamy chocolate and a hint of saffron: a true symphony of aromas.

Palate: Succulent and juicy to start, with mandarin and citrus floral notes that develop into a fresh, green leafiness and, finally, some spice.

Finish: Perfumed notes are combined with the aromatic power of saffron that continues long into the finish.

Comments: A complex and powerful gin that would make a refreshingly different gin and tonic and has good Gimlet potential.

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