David T Smith Issue 10 Phoebe Calver Tastings

Ableforth’s – Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin
Atom Supplies

ABV: 43%
Country: England
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Phoebe Calver 7.7

Nose: Grainy, very grainy, like a Sunday filled with baking. There’s a little baking spice coming through which is cut short by a hint of orange.

Palate: That orange zest doesn’t make too much of itself, but does linger throughout. The palate is heavily juniper-forward, bringing out the earthy and root botanical notes of the gin.

Finish: Smooth and peppery, paying homage to those earthy notes right until the bitter end.

Comments: I think this would make a pretty lethal Negroni.

David T. Smith 7.6

Nose: Pale straw in colour, this has buttery aromas of chocolate, orange and cinnamon cookies.

Palate: Oily in texture with the sweet earthiness of liquorice and angelica root. A gentle warmth in the middle of the palate that leads to notes of juniper and spice.

Finish: Citrus-forward with a floral zestiness that lingers on and on, joined by a light, peppery spice.

Comments: A pleasant gin, albeit a tad aggressive. It would pair well with ginger ale and a slice of lemon and orange.


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