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Silent Pool installs refill station at distillery for gin fans

Are you a fan of English gin Silent Pool? Are you also looking to reduce your environmental footprint? A new innovation by the producer could help.

Silent Pool has installed a refill station at its distillery in Albury, Surrey in response to requests from customers wanting to reuse their bottles.

The refill machine started life as a 50l still dragon, used during the development stage of Silent Pool. After several months of tinkering and testing, the team managed to re-engineer the still to dispense gin in perfect 70cl servings.

The dragon is housed in the Silent Pool distillery shop; customers simply need to bring in their empty Silent Pool gin bottle and speak to a member of staff, who can put their bottle in position on the dragon for refilling.

Silent Pool is offering a financial incentive for customers to take this sustainable option – the cost of a refill is £33.30, a 10 per cent reduction on the price of a new bottle. The producer will also donate 50p per refill to the Silent Pool and Woodland Maintenance Fund.

Silent Pool refills_2
The dragon refilling machine at the Silent Pool distillery.

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