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Dutch Gin 1689 blushing over new expression

Premium Dutch Gin 1689 is the latest to announce a pink addition to its range.

The Queen Mary Edition is based on the same recipe as the original Gin 1689 and is designed to reflect the creation of the world’s first pink gin, made in the 17th century after mixing the spirit with bruised strawberries and raspberries.

Alexander Janssens and Patrick van der Peet, founders of the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company, based Gin 1689 on a 300-year-old recipe from the time of King William III – also known as William of Orange – and Queen Mary II, which was discovered in the British Library archives.

Like the original expression, 1689 – The Queen Mary Edition is a classic juniper-style gin with botanicals such as dried quince and pippin (apple), lemon and orange peel, nutmeg, aniseed and clove. The addition of the strawberries and raspberries gives this first Dutch pink gin a rosy hue and red fruity nose and complement the spirit’s spicy elements.

Packaged in a distinctive royal red bottle with gold lettering, the sugar-free gin is best served with premium Indian tonic and lots of ice, garnished with sliced strawberries.


Gin 1689 pink

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  1. My favourite pink gin

  2. Wauw love to try this one! Amazing bottle

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