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Willem Barentsz – Premium Gin

Williem BarentszGin_Recommended_Badge
Premium Gin
Willem Barentsz

ABV: 37.5%
Country: England 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.8

Nose: Floral nose of chamomile with juniper. Freshly sliced lemons in the background too.

Palate: Light mouthfeel that just washes around the mouth. Opens with piney juniper, more of the lemon from the nose. There’s a green, grassy note in there as well.

Finish: Fruitier on the finish than the early palate had suggested.

Comments: Tasty stuff with lots of nice flourishes. A grown up gin. Enjoyable neat, this will also stand up well to the most citrussy of tonics.

David T. Smith – 9.1

Nose: Delicate floral notes of jasmine, chamomile, and meadowsweet. Light sweetness and some creamy vanilla spice.

Palate: A fine array of floral and spiced notes unfold, including cinnamon and bison grass which is followed by a little bit of dry, juniper earthiness.

Finish: A little grapefruit is combined with a floral flourish.

Comments: A delightful gin that is nuanced and incredibly sippable. I’d enjoy this neat, on the rocks, or possibly with just a splash of apple juice and soda water.


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