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That Boutique-y Gin Company – Smouldering Heights

That Boutique-y Gin Company
Smouldering Heights
Atom Supplies

ABV: 46%
Country: England
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.3

Nose: Seems like a gin to serve with your breakfast toast. A mix of floral and orange and just a waft of juniper in the wings. Slight ginger.

Palate: Really backs up the excitement from the nose. Lemon initially, but the marmalade note breaks through sweetly, before a light milk chocolate and juniper.

Finish: Long and sweet. Slightly soapy coriander.

Comments: There’s so much to like about this one. Arguably it is not the most complex spirit but packed with interesting flavour.

David T. Smith – 7.7

Nose: Earthy, with a touch of moss and hints of chocolate and orange marmalade.

Palate: An initial sweetness is followed by the zing of orange and grapefruit, resinous cedar-pine, and cooked green leaves. A little sweet cassia.

Finish: A gentle menthol pepper flavour, along with some oiliness and sappy, slightly sweet notes of juniper.

Comments: An intense gin with a lot of power behind it; it should be mixed accordingly – I think a Negroni would be a fine choice.

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