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Something Wild Beverages – Australian Green Ant Gin

Something Wild Beverages Gin_Recommended_Badge
Australian Green Ant Gin 
Something Wild Beverages

ABV: 42%
Country: Australia 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.9 

Nose: Juniper and lots of citrus backing it up. Fresh coriander too.

Palate: Initially classic lines with bright juniper, lemon and lime and coriander bringing a more herbal citrus note. Develops into a strawberry gum with some sweetness, before it becomes a touch peppery.

Finish: Middling length, but the strawberry note – think the sweets in pick ‘n’ mix – prevails.

Comments: Develops from classic to contemporary. Has the flavours you’d expect and some that you wouldn’t, but they work harmoniously.

David T. Smith – 9.2 

Nose: Fragrant and complex with exotic floral notes of lime blossom and hibiscus, then zesty lemon curd.

Palate: A well-rounded and plump texture. Sweet, floral flavours of both rose and lemon Turkish delight. Juicy, cherry and satsuma.

Finish: Delicate, leafy mint notes and a touch of green tea are followed by floral citrus.

Comments: Delightfully complex. This is a gin that would be at home in a whole host of drinks, but I happen to think that it would make a particularly spectacular Martini.


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