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Seven Crofts – Handcrafted Dry Gin

Seven Crofts 
Handcrafted Dry Gin 
Highland Liquor Co.

ABV: 43%
Country: Scotland
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.5 

Nose: Spicy green aromas and a forest-like woodiness. Tangy lemons are there.

Palate: Very green – juniper initially before a slightly soapy coriander note. Pepper and liquorice comes to the fore as the palate develops. Lemon sherbets bring a touch of zingy citrus.

Finish: Long with the green notes and earth. Some black pepper brings a savoury spice.

Comments: Classy. Grown-up flavours and all handled nicely so that nothing becomes overpowering. Mix with something that can handle that.

David T. Smith – 8.3

Nose: Gentle with hints of heather and spice that give the sweetness of cinnamon and cassia before a flash of citrus.

Palate: A green, crisp, and slightly stalky start with leafiness. Citrus notes follow: from mellow orange to zesty, peppery coriander seed and zingy lime.

Finish: Resinous with the hint of honey, jasmine, and a sprinkle of black pepper.

Comments: A complex and elegant gin that lends itself to a Martini or a long drink like gin and soda water, perhaps with a wedge of lime.

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