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Cabby’s Gin – Small Batch

Cabby’s Gin
Small Batch 
Taxi Spirit Co.

ABV: 41.2%
Country: England 
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.5

Nose: Juniper, fresh lemon and dill. Bunches of lavender bring a floral note.

Palate: A rich and full-bodied spirit, with juniper a restrained accompaniment to plenty of citrus flavour. The lavender finds its way in, the early citrus dissipates, before spice comes through.

Finish: Long length, with the body of the citrus lasting well.

Comments: The sweet, robust body at the heart of this one is excellent. Citrus lies at the heart, and I would love to give this a go in a Martini.

David T. Smith – 8.4

Nose: Rather creamy nose with woodiness, cinnamon, and cassia, as well as clove.

Palate: Very oily in texture, bold juniper, complex, and resinous. The juniper is complemented by spiced notes and the lightly sweet, floral flavour of violets.

Finish: Final notes of spicy and citrusy coriander and orange. The finish is very clean and long with a gentle warmth to it.

Comments: This is a classic and complex gin with a beautiful progression of flavour; this would make a first choice Martini.

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