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Cornhill Castle and The Wee Farm Distillery collaborate for Ghillie Gin

A partnership between The Wee Farm Distillery and Cornhill Castle has seen the launch of Ghillie Gin.

Earlier in 2019, the venue near Biggar, South Lanarkshire, refurbished their restaurant, which is now called The Ghillie – a nod to the hotel’s heritage and location beside the River Clyde.

One of the features of the new restaurant is a selection of quality whiskies and gin stored in a traditional wooden cabinet.

In order to expand the gins on offer at the venue, a partnership has been formed with local company The Wee Farm Distillery, who are based nearby in Climpy, Forth.

The distillery has been running for three years and was founded by farmer Jenny McKerr. Jenny has a background in farming and beef, and her starting point was to find a gin which would complement a steak. This led her to create Drover’s Gin – which has a mix of 13 botanicals including citrus, thistle and heather, as well as pink peppercorns and allspice.

Her gin has also been inspired by the spirit of farming – an idea which was born one cold, snowy April as she was tending a flock of ewes who were lambing. As well as Drover’s Gin, Jenny also makes gin-based liqueurs in over 40 flavours.

An opportunity arose for Cornhill Castle to work with The Wee Farm Distillery, and the result is the Drover’s Gin, bottled under Cornhill’s specially designed Ghillie Gin branding with each bottle having its own unique number.

Sharon Stuart, general manager, Cornhill Castle, says: “We’re delighted to be working with The Wee Farm Distillery and to be able to offer our customers something unique with our own branded Ghillie Gin. We’re also working on some more plans such as hosting specially themed events aimed at bringing us and our local community closer together.”

Jenny McKerr, founder of The Wee Farm Distillery, says: “It’s fantastic to be producing The Ghillie Gin for Cornhill Castle. It’s the perfect venue to enjoy the best local food and drink and we are proud to work alongside the team.”

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