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Tanqueray reveals special bitters for the world’s best bars

Fabio La Pietra, the world-class mixologist behind São Paolo’s SubAstor, has collaborated with Tanqueray-producer Diageo’s global ‘cocktailian’ Lauren Mote to create a series of exclusive tropical bitters inspired by Brazil and ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. The bitters are designed to pair with the citrus-heart in Tanqueray No. Ten.

The bitters has a flavour profile that includes grapefruit, lime leaf, and orange. The 120ml bottles are not available to buy and will instead be gifted to elite mixologists at some of the world’s best cocktail bars – therefore to try them out you’ll have to make your way to one of the leading lights in cocktails.

Fabio and Lauren’s involvement means that this is a tropical bitters created by a world-class bartender, for world-class bartenders.

La Pietra is head bartender at SubAstor, one of the world’s leading bars. He began his career in his native Italy before moving to London’s Montgomery Place prior to taking on his current role in São Paolo, Brazil.

La Pietra says: “I hope this new bitters recipe will inspire bartenders to get creative with their own takes on classic Tanqueray No. Ten recipes, whether that’s in a T&T, a classic Gimlet, or a 20th century cocktail. Bitters are a game-changer for gin lovers. The best bitters help to balance a drink and make it a little bit more complex, giving the end result a more rounded and complete flavour profile.

“Lauren and I toured the local food markets, botanical gardens, and herb and plant nurseries of São Paulo to find the highest quality, locally, and ethically-sourced ingredients and flavour combinations. I believe we have created bitters that deliver the soul of Brazil and that harmonises beautifully with the aromatic botanicals of Tanqueray No. Ten.”

D-J Hageman, global head of Tanqueray, says: “Fabio has done an amazing job in bringing together rich, fresh fruit flavours from Brazil and working with Lauren to create this incredible liquid.

“Bitters have always been an important ingredient for cocktails and now the world’s greatest bartenders will be able to experiment with Tanqueray No. Ten Citrus Heart Bitters to revolutionise the way their customers enjoy their gin cocktails. We are thrilled to have collaborated with Lauren to create these incredible bitters.”

“We take pride in working closely with bartenders. It is our commitment to taste and quality that has created a loyal following within the community, with Tanqueray again being voted as the bartenders’ favourite gin – the seventh time we have won this award.”

The 120ml bottle of Tanqueray No. Ten Tropical Citrus Heart Bitters will be made available to bartenders in 2020. 

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